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Robotics Championship,Romania Recognized Erovoutika

Erovoutika was recognized as one of the international partners of the Robotics Championship, Oradea, Romania. The International Robotics Club (IRC) invited all the participants from 11 countries to join the club. This community club was organized by Erovoutika International Corporation to help individuals in the Robotics field including robotics research, consultation, training, and competition. Also, This is to unite robotics lovers around the world.

Romania Oradea by erovoutika erovoutika

1st Place in the "BEST RESEARCHER" category.

One of the Philippine teams under Erovoutika was headed by Engr. Bhai Nhuraisha Ibrahim Deplomo (University of Makati), and assisted by Laila P. Manila First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities,Ian Bonn Satoquia Bolipata, and Sophia Ellen Marquez Bolipata. Robotics and Automation Class students of Erovoutika; Lana P. Manila from the City of Sto. Tomas, and Lance Gregoire Marquez Bolipata, and Ivia Yofi Marquez Bolipata from Davao City, won 1st Place in the "BEST RESEARCHER" category.

Congratulations to our former engineering interns (89 total passers)

March 24, 2023

ROBOLUTION 2023 - 2nd Edition. SOON!